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 By Judith Nafula

Rain destroys and inconveniences movement,but this should not be seen in the great institution in sub-saharan Africa.

This path is down on the right side of  Lumumba hall moving to the MUK western gate.However,can’t vehicles use smarter routes?

Prossy Nabatte a communication student says, its the estates and work management concerned.

This is a path (road) in Makerere  university being used by both cars and students.It can be equated to Katanga small paths where it is the physically fit individuals to move and leave it without falling.

A  female second year Arts student the road makes me imagine the state of Bwaise roads during the rain.

Exif_JPEG_420About the writer/photographer click,

It is used by students who reside from Kikoni and the neighboring areas to enter the university as it has less hill to climb.Looking at Colleges,students of education, social sciences and Arts,Psychology,Information technology and a few along that side.

The concerned management should relate with the call to work upon the face of MUK to build the future.

Be ready for the version of the state of the same road when its dusty and shining.Dust spreads in the air like heavy fog requiring students to stop and cover their eyes waiting for it to settle and continue walking




  1. Hey Judith, I like the photos, but I think u should have made it a slideshow. You can also re edit the story, because its not as captivating as the photos. Otherwise I like the fact that you took interest in this specific issue.


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