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Ugandan nanny Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, attends a hearing in her trial at the Buganda Road court in Kampala on December 15, 2014. Tumuhiirwe was sentenced to fou...The video of the nanny mistreating a child has gone viral attracting different thoughts among people including those who are not yet parents. Women are emotionally thinking that their children are being tortured especially those whose children are under the hands of the nanny.
In the video, the nanny overfeeds the child expecting her to swallow food like an adult. The child fails just like any other can’t; the nanny beats the child and pushes her to the floor head down. She continues by beating the baby’s bottom hard with a torch, it ends with nanny carrying the baby with one hand getting out of the living room. Someone may attribute hell to what happens to the baby in the next room from the time until the parents return home. The baby may be locked outside the house under the sun and no more food or drinks. The nanny may only pick her when she expects that her parents are almost arriving at home.Housemaids becareful,do not intend to go to court and finally prison. ,a house burnt by her boss

This clearly means that child torture is everywhere. The video reflects a wealthy home with an irresponsible care taker. It is not only on streets but also in closed doors with a wall fence. This perhaps is a challenge of having walls around our homes which prevents neighborhood intervention.

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Having watched the video several times, it is shocking raising a lot of questions about the nanny and the parents of the child. Whereas it has one question about the child; “what has she done to the nanny?” You may even be tempted to think that its exaggeration through action. This is only clarified after explanation that it is a CCTV camera recorder that was placed in the house by the parents of the girl.
This then evokes a question whether the parents of the child suspected that the nanny was mistreating the child and then desired to record such actions to have evidence to prove the brutal nature of the nanny or it was for other reasons.


It ifile-27-1430129752715027000.jpgs true that many nannies torture children in the absence of their mother. We should not be naïve to look at it in one way. Apart from beating the children, there is denying children food, burnning and subjecting them to heavy work load to the worst level of poisoning and locking the child in the fridge and then disappear.
Let’s caution parents not to stereotype their nannies. Do not see a devil in your nanny. It is risky because you may make the good nanny to fulfill what you think about her. We should not forget that there are many responsible people in the world who were raised by nannies. For example ministers, politicians, teachers and other professionals do not have time for home, yet they have children who get help to do school home work and complete other responsibilities under the effort of the nanny. We should not crucify them because of this hurtles one in the video.
Many employees go under torture and suffering in one way or another. They continue to provide even better services. The nanny cannot be excused, whether her relationship with the parents of the child is bitter; she had to remain loyal to the bosses and the child whom she was taking care of especially to the innocent baby.
Give your nannies this video and see her reactions but do not be adamant to think that she must be shocked. If she feels scared, you are safe but if she is not surprised, then seriously think of your relationship, if you find no problem then spy to know what happens when you are not at home but as well revise your relationship.

To the parents, it is now your responsibility to explain this situation to your nannies. It should not be a starting point of threatening and swearing, that you would kill that nanny if you were the mother or father of that child. Say the dangers and effect of the nanny’s actions. Also tell her not to go to that extent but instead leave work if she can no longer handle the activities.

Some of the duties of the nannies especially in African homes include; full responsibility over the children in the home, preparing meals, cleaning the house, toilet and compound, shopping taking and picking children from school, and open or lock the house before sleeping as the nanny in most home sleeps last and wakeup first to prepare for the bosses/parents. The nanny in the video is a full house keeper for property and the child because it is only her at home during the day. As a result,children develop fear and hiding on hearing a shouting voice.

It is holiday time; its high time parents started dividing domestic chores amongst children to relieve the nannies. Make your nanny feel equal to your children in the home. They should all work and rest at the same time. You should not penalize the nanny by reducing her salary for breaking a cup, plate, glass or a burnt saucepan. This means that you must give advice on how to handled breakables and monitoring food on fire so that the saucepan does not burn. This is what a parent does for her child. Therefore treat the nanny as your eldest child in the home.
In some homes, parents have fogged relationship by making children know that the nanny is their aunt. In such a situation, children give the nanny due respect as an adult and a parent. The reason is that she has at least contributed positively to the family.

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We should therefore have dialogue with the nannies. This will help to establish point of weaknesses of both the nanny and parents and find solutions to work together. Parents should allow nannies to correct children where necessary. Once in a while, thank and reward the maid for the good work. Shop for them as well and count them for ice cream, chocolate and sweets. The relationship will be reconciled for goodness.





                              DO YOU WATCH YOUR CHILD?


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