Evans and Hellen
Having tied the knot on 23rd August 2014 at Kampala Pentecostal Church (KCP), Evans and Helen headed to Sheraton Hotel Kampala for the gardens photos, later served their guests at Mandela National stadium,Namboole in Kiprotich hall.

Evans was dressed in prisons combart as part of honor and contribution of his service to Uganda prisons Luzira as the Officer in Command.The best man and groomsmen too were dressed in combart uniforms each holding a sword.

jude new Church service at Watoto

At KPC, the couple decided to sanctify their marriage having been married for fifteen years and blessed with three children, two boys and a daughter. The couple exchanged vows to love and respect each other; until death do us part.
Despite the traffic jam in the city, the couple headed to Sheraton hotel where they had photo shoot session with
their maids and groomsmen. Here, the couple posed to have the best shots of their life and wedding. Lunch break was then served to them in the hotel.

Reception at Namboole,Mandela National Stadium

Having left the gardens, the couple headed to Namboole to meet their guests. Joy and happiness filled the guests
on the arrival of the couple seeing them walk through the arch made of swords which were held by sword bearers
heading to the high table waving to the their guests. They were also entertained by Prisons band as they were matching on the red carpet.


Speeches were balanced with performance from several people including the matron. After, the couple served their
guests food and drinks, the cake was usinthe sword. The master of ceremony called upon the congregation to give
gifts to the bride and groom. These included; land 2 hectares,tree plants, a heifer, wrapped gifts, mattresses, saucepans and many others.

Bride and Groom speak

Evans and Helen thanked the almighty God for the day, their parents and all people who contributed towards the success of the wedding
and in addition having attended to be witnesses. Helen thanked her husband for having chosen to wed her. The bride and groom officially opened the dance and the other friends joined them until dawn.



The group of four from Ruka Solutions LTD to film the wedding function was led by Mr. Wasswa Kenneth. The other
members were Ivan, Emmy and Judith who took different responsibilities, angles and corners to fully cover all the
important events of the wedding.

At the saloon, photo and video shooting were taken as the bride and her maids were being prepared for makeup and
dressing to look beautiful for their day. Photo shoot showing the dresses, shoes, nails, lips, necklaces, flowers, hairstyle and others were church, bright camera lights were not allowed though fairly good shots were captured.


Waiting at Mandela National Stadium for almost four hours for the arrival of the convoy of the bride and groom, the
men on camera decided to sit and chill with their eyes towards the southern gate.


On the pavement, Mr. Wasswa Kenneth and Ivan sat resting the cameras in the grass. His position was direct to the gate, looking to see the convoy waiting for the opportunity to take the shots of the entrance at the reception. Whereas Emmy and Judith were busy shooting photos and video in the reception hall to with keen interest on the guests, decoration, cake and the prisons band.


Having covered all the important event like serving food, cutting the cake, receiving of gifts by the bride and groom, to the opening of the dance, the camera group ended the duty.




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