Internet access via phones is on rise in Africa. A survey of mobile phone usage in five African countries confirmed.

Click a map showing the five countries to locate the countries

The Mobile Africa 2015 study was conducted by mobile surveying company GeoPoll and World Wide Worx in;

  1. South Africa
  2. Nigeria
  3. Kenya
  4. Ghana
  5. Uganda.


 The most significant finding was that Internet browsing via phones now stands at 40 per cent in all with;

  • 51% – Ghana
  • 47% – Nigeria
  • 40% -South Africa
  • 34% -Kenya
  • 29% -Uganda

However, South Africa leads in app downloads from app stores

  • 34% -South Africa
  • 31% in Ghana
  • 28% in Nigeria
  • 19% in Kenya
  • 18% in Uganda.

“This finding also indicates that mobile broadband infrastructure is more robust in South Africa, despite anecdotal reports of the Internet being used more actively in Nigeria and Kenya,” says Arthur Goldstuck, managing director of World Wide Worx, a leading technology analysis organisation. “Internet use is far greater in some of these countries in terms of number of people, but substantially lower in terms of intensity of use.”

The survey confirms a widely held view that Nokia remains the single biggest phone brand in the major African markets. However, its market share is plummeting fast.However,the bigger winner is Samsung

percentage of Nokia phone and Samsung owners;

                                    Nokia        Samsung    BlackBerry

owned  previously             46%                 14%                      6%

own  now                              34%               17%                       6%

intend buying  next          18%                26%                         16%

Matt Angus-Hammond, Business Development Lead for GeoPoll in Southern Africa, explains one reason for the possible surge in Blackberry adoption: “BlackBerry introduced most of Africa to the idea of a smartphone, and for the first few years was the flagship brand for the category. They initially hit the market through companies who got contracts for their executives, but as new models were introduced the old Blackberries have entered the mass market, and are still regarded as a status symbol in much of Africa.”

The hand-me-down effect suggests BlackBerry will retain its position as the third most popular phone brand in major African markets for now. However, brands that will challenge both BlackBerry and Nokia in the near future include;

Currently       Expected  rise

  •   Apple         2%                    11%
  • Huawei      3%                     9%
  • Sony           2%                      5%)
  • LG               3%                      5%).

Current phone usage in the five African countries with Nokia dominance

                      Nokia       Samsung    Apple

Nigeria               43%              8%                       15%

South Africa       36%             21%                     14%

uganda                34%             10%                      8%

Kenya                   32%            18%                      5%

Ghana                   28%           29%                      16%

Click phones in Africa to see a pie chart clearly indicating the above information.

                  GeoPoll’s SMS survey

mobile communication
mobile communication

The survey was conducted through GeoPoll’s SMS survey platform, and the sample size of 700 per country gives a margin of error of 3.7% for each country.

“By reaching respondents across Africa through the mobile phone, GeoPoll is able to provide consumer data faster than ever before, and in addition we can collect data around intended purchases and brand affinity which is not represented by straightforward retail data” Angus-Hammond explains.

Goldstuck adds: “Africa will always hold surprises in technology uptake, and continue to underline the reality that every country on the continent is different, and each will reflect different market dynamics.”

visit info graph link ,

Most common phone activity in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and South Africa 

for the information below;

– 48% use Facebook

– 45% send SMS

– 41% listen to radio

– 37% take photos

– 36% use instant messaging

– 32% play games

– 26% download apps

– 13% use Twitter

Most common use phone activity by country:


SA Nigeria Ghana Kenya Uganda
Facebook 41% 58% 54% 44% 44%
Send SMS 52% 39% 40% 55% 43%
FM Radio 40% 36% 40% 46% 46%
Browse Internet 40% 47% 51% 34% 29%
Take Photos 45% 38% 37% 34% 31%
Instant Messaging 41% 34% 34% 40% 34%
Play Games 34% 34% 33% 30% 27%
Download Apps 34% 28% 31% 19% 18%
Twitter 14% 14% 13% 14% 11%

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