By Judith Nafula

The condition of public hospitals in Uganda is continuously worrying. A part from mulago, Abim hospital is in misery, therefore should be renovated.Abim hospital is the only public hospital in Abim district.

People believe that it has all the facities they need including doctors and medicine but this is just not the situation. Public hospitals should be given fund on government budget and later, the government should carry out strict auditing and a follow up for accountability and appropriate use of the money.

Abim Hospital lacks medical doctors, drugs and basic facilities like toilets, water, bathrooms which affect its operations. The hospital also has bad broken beds with old mattresses.

Amidst all the poor condition, it attends to expecting mothers and their children. The hospital continues to receive patients on a daily basis.

Government should pattern with the people of Abim district to redeem health and lives.

watch about the hospital

The doctors in this hospital should be facilitated and as well recruit new ones to treat patients.Houses,cars for ambulance, increment of salaries and should be paid in time are some of the few facilities that the government can provide to entice doctors to work in remote areas.

It is said that it was not put on the budget and this means that the hospital has no hope of renovation to better its facilities. This is unrealistic and no explanation can be found to excuse the ministry of health and finance.

The government should highly consider the lives of Ugandans. This starts with proper medication and well facilitated public hospitals for the majority poor.

The public should also respect the facilities made by the government by using them accordingly. Whereas ,the doctors should respect their call to help save lives of the people.




By Judith Nafula

Tycoons desire to keep the body physically fit. Many decide to go jogging and do road work very early in the morning. They need to be mindful oftheir security especially during the road work time and the rest of the day.

The Kampala’s businessmen and tycoon,Eria Sebunya Bugembe known as Kasiwuukira was murderedin Muyenga. He was doing his routine jogging near his home. He was knocked down by a car that a neighbor had seen parking on the road.

Having company while jogging is wise for your security. Tell your children or wife to join in the fitness exercise. Tycoons should hire security men and officers to guard them. Some dogs can also help to sense danger.

Tycoons should not trust fellow tycoons. Learn to walk with at least a family member and do not always jog in the same area .If physical fitness is a must, then go to the gym or buy the machines and use them at home.

They should not also trust and give property openly to their relatives this may cause jealousy hence murder.Kasiwuukira had given some land titles to the family members he had been taking care of. One cannot hesitate to think about this incidence and his death.

The police should also monitor the areas of residences of the tycoons. They should be advised to have security lights, well equipped and trained gate men to help identify strangers.

All tycoons should have security for their early morning activities. They should notjog or move on foot in lonely places. They should not give chance for target to those who are threats to their security. The police and courts should serious investigate and convict or punish the murderers severely.



By Judith Nafula


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